Join our Productive Comunity!

We are a handfull scientist who work on various, cutting edge techonolgies that will change thecnology as we know it. We now need a beautiful website to show case our works. So we will be needing you! come join us and be part of the comunity that brings the next big thing!

React Front End Developer!!

130K a year!

You will be offered a good amount of money for your hard work. that isn't just it. We offer

  • Competitive Vacation Package
  • Annual Financial Allowance for YOUR development
  • Flexible Family Leave
  • Clevertech Gives Back Program
  • Clevertech U (Leadership Program, Habit Building, New Skills Training)
  • Clevertech Swag
  • Strong Clevertech Community

Growth and Leadership!

Here at our company wer offer every one with the chance to develop their carrer with different opertunities

  • Learning paied leave
  • Different short trainings
  • Scholar ship operturinties to the harvard University
  • Allow space for creativity and experimentaiton in our products

Remote flexible schedules!

You don't have to come to on site to work here at our Company

  • If you want you can have acces to an office
  • You can work on some of our workspaces all over the world
  • Or you can work from home

Skills Required

You have seen what we will offer here is what we will need from you!!


This will be your requirment!!